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Aidi Brand 4WD Hst Self-Propelled Fog Boom Sprayer for Manufacturer
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Product: Views:116Aidi Brand 4WD Hst Self-Propelled Fog Boom Sprayer for Manufacturer 
Unit price: Negotiable
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Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-10-29 18:03
Most Advanced Boom Sprayer for muddy paddy field and dry field.
Top Technical Advantages:
★ Structure Design:
 Middle-position tank, special and accurate design makes sure the weight (empty and full load) can be distributed on 4 wheels on average, no slope/slide.
★ Walking System: Most advanced static hydraulic stepless transmission(HST/CVT) and differential lock device, 4WD,4WS make sure the vehicle is flexible in operation, and can pass complex and muddy field smoothly. fog boom sprayer
Highest Achievement:

We are the first and only inventor and manufacturer that is interviewed and broadcasted by national TV(CCTV) in China.

Weifang Aidi machinery company is professional manufacturer of boom sprayer, including design, development, production and sale. It is technical leading company in domestic market. CCTV I Love Invention column made program about our long arm boom sprayer in 2015 successfully. Our company is focused and welcomed by all society in China and our Aidi brand new style boom sprayer is among leading brand in China. Now we are developing international market. Welcome to visit us and join us.farm boom sprayer.boom sprayer factory
sef-propelled fog boom sprayer

Product Description

AIDI brand 4wd HST self-propelled boom sprayer for paddy field
The self-propelled boom sprayer, developed by our company Aidi, is the best high efficient and advanced modern agricultural machinery for rice/paddy field, dry field and other normal field. It can deal with weeding, pest control, sterilization, disease prevention, fertilization and other farm work. Our product has got many patents in this field. It releases the farmers from heavy and hard working environment. The new style advanced self-propelled boom sprayer is highly welcomed by experts and users since publish.boom sprayer

Product Feature:

1) Most advanced static hydraulic stepless transmission(HST/CVT) and differential lock device make sure the vehicle is flexible in operation, and can pass complex and muddy field smoothly. ★ 

2) High-capacity middle-position farm chemical tank, can take max. 700kg farm chemical. Continuous working above 1 hour. Special and accurate design makes sure the weight (empty and full load) can be distributed on 4 wheels on average, keeping balance. ★ boom sprayer manufacturer

3) Four-wheel drive (4WD) highly improved the vehicle's driving ability.sprayer

4) Flexible 4 wheels synchronous turning design(4WS), 4 wheels turn at same time, reducing the wheels' turning radius and reducing the damage to farm.

5) Light weight and compact structure, only 950kg vehicle weight, increasing passing ability when working,reducing power consumption and fuel consumption. 

6) Low fuel consumption. The vehicle adopts advanced high performance engine, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection.farm boom sprayer.boom sprayer manufacturer

7) Driving cab is equipped with air-conditioner, improving the driver's working environment, reducing tiredness. boom sprayer

8) High ground clearance. Effective ground clearance is 800mm, 1110mm, suitable for different height of crops.boom sprayer.boom sprayer

9) Fluid mixing style make sure chemical and water blend well, reaching ideal spraying effect.

10) Jet pump water supply device is adopted to improve working efficiency.

Technical Parameters

No.   Item Specification
Main body
Working efficiency (min.) 40000m2/h =(60-80 hand sprayers)
1 Size (L x W x H) mm 3550x1800x2530
2 Wheelbase (mm) 1900
3 Effective ground clearance 810 1110
4 Min. ground clearance 750 1040
5 Tread(wheel) mm 1200 1400 1500
6 Weight (kg) 1100
7 Working pressure (Mpa.) 0.5-0.8
8 Boom expanding width (mm) 9600
9 Spraying width (m) 12
Model 3M78
11 Engine type 3 cylinder 4 stroke water cooling diesel
12 Total displacement (L) 1.123
13 Rated power (HP) (KW) (r/min.) (21) (15.2) (2600)
14 Fuel tank capacity(L) 20
15 Starting system Electrical starting
type 4WD,4WS,4 wheels synchronous turning
17 Operation style Hydraulic pressure power turning
18 Shift/speed change HST variable speed change + 2 shifts
19 Suggested working speed (km/h) 0-6km/h
20 Brake system (brake&park) Cable brake
21 Tire(same front and rear wheel) 120/90-26(220-240Kpa.)
22 Battery 45
23 Chemical tank capacity (L) 700
24 Mixing method Water flow mixing
Model  B-36E piston pump
26 Type 3 cylinder piston
27 Rotating speed (r/min) 900
28 Rate of flow (L/min.) 36-40
29 Max. pressure (Mpa.) 0.96
Mist spraying system
Boom type 2 wing 3 section hydraulic pressure
31 Sprayer nozzle type Drip-proof sector nozzle
32 Nozzle
Boom nozzle 18
33 Side nozzle 2(1x1)
34 Nozzle ground clearance (mm) 580-1620
1) Size is based on folding the boom.farm sprayer
2) Nozzle pressure should be between 0.5-0.8 Mpa. for best working performance.farm boom sprayer
3) This machine is suitable for rice/paddy field, dry field and relative vegetable field work.engine sprayer

Factory Workshop

Exhibition & Fair

Comparison & Result

Our Product:
Due to most advanced technique in structure design and walking system(above mentioned), without any problem for muddy paddy field and any other complex field.
Matured product, that has few small problem in normal work.
Other Products:
Muddy paddy field is always their biggest problem. That can't be solved because of technique and design problem.agriculture machine
Many small problem in normal work that need too much time to repair.


Comparison between our machine and labor work:

1) Working efficiency:diesel engine sprayer
Our machine: 40000 square meter/hour.self-propelled boom sprayer
Labor work: 700 square meter/hour (tiredness reduce working efficiency).engine sprayer

2) Cost calculation:boom sprayer
Our machine: Only need 1 labor to drive, fuel consumption 1.5-2L/hour.boom sprayer
Labor work: Reaching same efficiency to our machine, you need 60 labor.diesel engine sprayer

3) Working result:Our machine: No matter liquid spraying or fertilizer spreading, our machine is with better result than labor work. Uniform spraying and spreading result, low waste, high yield/output.

Welcome to contact us at any time.We are looking forward to cooperate with you!

 contact person:Ms.Han / Lily
Mobile:+86-15662588216 / +86-15866175212